Spotify Gets Metal

Spotify announced the creation of twelve new original shows earlier this year, covering a wide range of genres and aspects of music culture. One of the shows, which Spotify is calling “Landmark,” is a documentary style format covering important artists, groundbreaking albums, and big moments in music history, and kicking off the whole thing is “Landmark – Metallica: The Early Years,” which explores the creation of the band through the release of Ride The Lightning in four parts.

Metallica’s early days with Mustaine on lead guitar and a couple of other guys who were in the band for about ten minutes is hardly untrodden territory, but it’s still interesting to hear people who were around at the time talk about what the underground tape trading scene was like in the early ‘80s, and how “Hit The Lights” was the genesis of what would become one of the biggest metal bands in history. It’s also highly amusing to hear Hetfield basically call Ulrich a shitty drummer (has anything changed?) who blew his first audition to join the band.

Part 1 of The Early Years is available on Youtube, but for the rest you’ll need the Spotify app, but fortunately you don’t need to be a premium subscriber. If that’s not quite enough Metallica for you, check out the video for the band’s new song, “Hardwired,” featuring Justice style clickity-clack drums. Yay!