The Light That Dwells in Tahoma

In 2011, there were two underground releases that did not get nearly enough press coverage as they richly deserved, Alda’s Tahoma and Fall of Rauros’ The Light That Dwells In Rotten Wood.

In fact, despite everyone’s affinity for Wolves In The Throne Room’s Celestial Lineage that year, Tahoma is still my favorite Cascadian record in 2011 (it’s close). Between all the Native American spirit chant, rich textures, and sumptuous riffage, this record would feel right at home on the Sioux plains of South Dakota. And in similar fashion, The Light sounded as if it too hailed from the great Pacific Northwest, except for the fact that Falls of Rauros’ Portandia is in Maine. This album crushed you with kindness in its sweet acoustic medleys and lush interludes that acted as the aural glue to bind all that atmospheric black together.

Unfortunately, both of these records were difficult to obtain at the time of their respective release. Tahoma was originally issued on cassette by Eternal Warfare and then on vinyl via Replenish Records. The LP has been sold out for over a year, so by the time you stumbled upon it, your most likely option was the Pest Productions’ 2012 re-issue on CD, which is also posted on the label’s Bandcamp page. The Light on the other hand was initially released on CD, limited to 1000 copies, by Bindrune Recordings, but it has been long sold out since. You can still buy the digital version of it on Bindrune’s Bandcamp page. It has never been pressed to wax until now!

This week, D.C. based Replenish Records has just announced that they will be pressing both of these records in double LP format and are taking preorders right now.

Tahoma will be limited to 500 on red wax with heavy gatefold and insert. It’s a re-press of the original vinyl that sold out over a year ago. Currently first pressings go for around $50 on the open market, so this a real deal for collectors. The Light on the other hand is even more exciting since its available for the first time on vinyl and includes a previously unreleased track entitled “All That Howling Fog.” It will be limited to only 300 copies on black vinyl with heavy insert and feature art by none other than Austin Lunn of Panopticon (who also played drums on the record). The vinyl edition was completely remastered by Mell Dettmer, who not only mastered the original Alda release but also does a lot of Wolves In The Throne Room material amongst many other famous Cascadians.

But wait, there’s more…

Both of these vinyl masters can be downloaded for free on Replenish’s Bandcamp page now. That’s right, free. But if you feel like giving back to the community at large, if you name your own price during checkout, all the proceeds from the digital LP download will be donated to each artist’s respective cause. Alda is sponsoring the Center for Biological Diversity, a nonprofit organization based out of Tuscon, Arizona that works through legal and activist channels to protect endangered species. And Falls of Rauros is fund raising for Mayo Street Arts, a local community outreach program in their hometown of Portland, Maine dedicated to fostering youths with diverse backgrounds in the arts.

Please head over to Replenish and check out both of these superb releases right now. Do it.