Torture Division in HD

One of the best kept secrets in all of Sweden is the three piece death outfit Torture Division. If that name doesn’t ring any bells, I’m not surprised, since the band isn’t signed to any big name label nor relies on the traditional ways of marketing. In fact, the band prides itself as being an independent spirit and employs a grassroots style of promotion, encouraging fans to download all of their music for free off their Downloadgraphy page and distribute at will.

Torture Division’s aural recipe however, is a bit more straightforward: Take three industry veterans from a few top tier acts like The Project Hate MCMXCIX, Vomitory, and Krux, put them in a room together, wait a few minutes, and presto, three to four of the finest slabs of brutality on the planet pop out every single time. Really, really. And this has been their modus operandi since the project’s inception in 2008, which has so far yielded nine demos, a split, and a few compilation albums that neatly organize all those demos in a more traditional length package.

What’s also killer is that Dan Swanö of Unisound has been a big supporter of Torture Division and their go to engineer for the majority of their work. Bad news, most of their music sounds crushed and claustrophobic due to the band’s insane volume requirements – until now.

Dan is sponsoring a full dynamic version in FLAC of their latest demo titled The Sacrifice which he is making available for free on the Unisound website right now.

After listening to these three tracks half of a dozen times, I can assure you the demo’s title has absolutely nothing to due with its fidelity!

Download, listen, and discuss.

And again, if you enjoy how amazing this demo sounds like I do, let the them know about it, so they will continue down this path of sonic enlightenment in future releases. Today is a big win for dynamics in metal! Spread the word.